Android TV Apps

A Collection Of Useful Apps


[MOD] [TV] Modified To Remove The Widevine Level 1 & Netflix Certification Requirements

Amazon Prime

[Air Mouse] This Amazon Prime App Is The Mobile Version, this is the only working prime video app available

BBC iPlayer

[PORT] [TV] This BBC iPlayer App Has Been Taken From The New Google Chromecast


[MOD] [TV] Modified To Remove Adverts, Unlimited Skips & Spotify Connect Unlocked (Casting)

Smart Tube Next

[TV] YouTube App Has Ads Disabled, Supports PIP, AFR, Sponsor Block & Casting From YouTube Mobile App

Magellan TV

[MOD] [TV] Modified App Ad Free App Is Great For Documentaries

Sky News

[TV] [PORT] UK Sky News With Live News, Stories & Recommendations

Cast App

[TV] This Enables Chromecast For Unprotected Streams (Screen Mirror, YouTube) Wont Work For Netflix or other encrypted streams

Aurora Store

[Air Mouse] App To Install Mobile Apps To Android Tv (App Store)

Send Files To TV

[TV] Send Files Between Phone & TV Using This App

Cinema HD

[TV] App To Stream Movies & TV Shows


[TV] App To Stream TV & Movies, Great For Torrents

[TV] Works On Android TV With No Mouse
[AIR MOUSE]Needs Air Mouse To Navigate Properly
[PORT]Not Available On Most Android TV Devices
[MOD]Modified Apps To Enable Premium Features & More